Last update: 01/07/2008, v1.0.592 - detects your game version from war3.exe (for future updates) default is now 1.22 - will save your country settings when you connect to bnet with wc3 so lc can use that later when connecting itself - will no longer exit if winpcap fails to load/open device, though some features will stop functioning (at least you can host, and it can now run under wine) - press F1 to display the help - main window now saves commands (use UP/DOWN keys) - minor bugfixes/changes

pickup.listchecker.exe this will allow you to host a game in LAN mode (with low latency) and to have it in battlenet's games list ------ needs winpcap http://www.winpcap.org unless you're only hosting in lan (no longer required in that case) (already installed if you have wc3banlist working) ------ ------ how to use commands when ------ hosting/joining on bnet: - same as any other battle.net command hosting a lan game: - same as on bnet except you will have to say to "all" (shit+enter ingame) other players will not be able to read your commands joining a lan game: - though ingame chat commands will still work, players will be able to read your commands so it is better to alt-tab and use listchecker's command line in some random menu: - you will have to alt-tab and use the command line ------ commands: ------ /checklist : will copy to your clipboard the list of players missing and who shouldnt be in the game shortcut: /cl /sendlan <ip> : will show the game you host to the lan screen of the destination ip (destination will need to have his port 6112 open and will need to go to the lan screen before host uses this command), useful if the other guy cant connect to battle.net, and it doesnt need him to run this app on his computer at all (may require winpcap depending on the situation) /clientlan <ip:port> : same as sendlan, but can also show the game you have joined you will need to run this app on both computers (default port is 6111, port that destination will need to open (udp)) /scanlan <ip:port> : will scan for a game <ip> is hosting on lan or, if he's running this app, any game he has joined (default port is 6111, same port used by /clientlan) (may require winpcap depending on the situation) /hostbnet <gamename> : will add the game you host on lan to battle.net's custom games list, read below use /hostbnetpublic to add it as a public game shortcuts: /hb for /hostbnet and /hbp for /hostbnetpublic /bnetcmd <command> OR /bnet <command> OR /cmd <command> : will send a command to bnet when hosting with /hostbnet (/w, /msg, /f, /friends, /stats, /whois are shortcuts to this command) (/re is a replacement for the /r command, because wc3 wont let you type /r) /pingclients : host only - will ping players connected to your "listchecker" game shortcut: /pc /openbnet or /startbnet : will connect listchecker to bnet like it would with /hostbnet so you can whisper and stuff /findbnet [gamename] : will get the game hosted on bnet to show on your lan games screen (so you dont need to log in, it saves some time) if you dont specify a gamename it will get the whole game list to show on your lan screen shortcut: /fb [gamename] (requires winpcap) /setlist <list> <gamename> : will overwrite the list manually if it doesn't get it from irc /update : will update to a newer version if available ------ not-so-useful/useless commands: ------ /refreshbnet : will refresh the game you host on bnet using /hostbnet /copylist : will copy the raw list to your clipboard /closebnet : close your bnet connection /showlist : will copy to your clipboard the list and the name of the ingame players use /showlist2 to get the remaining names if the list wasnt full (warcraft has a 254 character limit for every line) /setgamename <gamename> : will tell the program to use the player list from that game (for checking only) /pinghost : will copy in your clipboard your delay to the host of the game you joined ------ commands clients can use on irc if they're in the list ------ !sendlan: will use both /sendlan and /clientlan (check this file for port/client requirements) on the user he will need to be waiting in the warcraft's lan screen before using this command !sendlan <insertiphere>: same as !sendlan for people with custom hostmasks (+x mode) ------ if you want to use different settings, create a file named "pickup.listchecker.ini" in same directory as executable with: ------ [pickup] hostport=<port used when hosting game using LC, default=6112> you MUST open this port if you want to host war3dir=<directory where warcraft 3 is installed> if specified, it'll detect your wc3 version autoupdate=<0|1> set to 0 will disable auto-updating (default is on, check every 24h) log=<0|1> will log players who have joined/quit your game as well as their ips and other stuff in file listchecker.log promiscuous=<0|1> enables use of promiscuous mode in winpcap, default is off, same option as wc3banlist lanport=<port you want to use when someone uses /clientlan on you, you may also need this port when you host a lan game> installip=<ip> will make LC host a game, attaching to a lan game hosted on that ip, rather than your own ------ HOW TO USE /hostbnet ------ you will need: 1 - the BNCSutil.dll file in the same directory 2 (optional) - insert: bnetnetwork=<battle net server here> (default to europe.battle.net) in the ini file 3 - insert: bnetkey1=<warcraft3 cdkey> in the ini file 4 - insert: bnetkey2=<war3 frozen throne cdkey> in the ini file 5 - insert: bnetacc=<battle net account name> in the ini file 6 - insert: bnetpass=<battle net account password> in the ini file 7 - insert: war3dir=<directory where warcraft 3 is installed> in the ini file 8 - change your INGAME warcraft port (in the game, Option>Gameplay>Game port) to something different than 6112 (hostport default), and restart wc3 if it's already running once you have the requirement: -run this app in the background -host a game in LAN with the host name being the same as your battle.net account, or bnet might just ban you :D -finally: /hostbnet <gamename> ------ HOW TO USE hostport without /hostbnet ------ if you dont want to use /hostbnet for security purpose (cdkey, pass and stuff) this is for you it requires 2 computers sharing the same internet ip and a way to forward ports (router or whatever) on computer1 (the one who will play) -run this app in the background -if a message box asks you to change a port, click "yes" (hostport in ini must be set to 6112 after this) -host a LAN game then do this on computer2 -start warcraft, go to config, gameplay, and set the port to 6112 -log into battle.net -host a game with whatever name you want, you must be hosting with the same map as computer1 did on lan now on the router forward external port 6112 to computer1 port 6112 once all players have joined you may shutdown computer2 ------ TIPS ------ - players who are done loading will have their name written in green - if you need to run this app in realtime priority, create a shortcut and add "-realtime" argument - add "-minimize" argument to minimize the window when starting - when warcraft connects to bnet, LC will detect and save your bnet settings (timezone and country) so it can use it later when hosting a game - if it doesnt detect your lan created game, open your port 6111 too (or whatever you set your lanport setting to in the ini) - Windows Vista users must run this with administrator rights if they want winpcap to load correctly